Wednesday, September 6, 2006

I Am Enjoying My Vacation and I Am Enjoying Rockstar Freakin' Too Much!

First things first: please, please vote for Magni and Storm until 1:30pm today. To vote for Magni, text Rock01 and send to 2910, and for Storm, text Rock02 and send to 2910. Text message costs P2.50/message, though, but it's for a good cause. I'd rather see Magni and Storm personify coolness and maturity on and off stage until the finale than woe-is-me Dilana. So please, people, vote!!!

On to the show:

My first impression of Magni was that he was a bit uptight and serious, but each week he showed his goofy and witty side and I become a fan. That being said, I can't believe he thought 90% of rock songs are comprised of the same words and clichés. Magni, my dear, I hope you were joking on that one or you better stop listening to Simple Plan and Cueshe. Magni was quite good in "Back In The USSR" though his original was kind of forgettable.

And speaking of originals, Dilana's sucks so baaad. And I can't believe she really wrote a song that bashes the fans. Really witty, girl. And Control-Alt-Delete?! WTF was that?!!! I hated how she argued with Lukas over "Behind Blue Eyes" and say that she deserve to sing the song because the lyrics are similar to what she's going through. Duh. Self-absorbed much? Yeah right, sing a song because it's all about you, never mind that you even haven't heard it. Sounds like a country song, huh? Paul of the House Band was right to criticize you and I just shouted "Hell yeah!" when he uttered, "she's approaching the song from a position of ignorance." Go Paul!

I like how Lukas rearrange "Livin' On A Prayer". He's starting to be quite charming, too, since he started showing his sense of humor and giving props to the other contestants instead of just sitting there and looking bored. I like Lukas now, but there's just the problem of him mush mouthing the songs he's singing. How hard is it to enunciate properly?

Storm was awesome on "Suffragette City" and even awesomer [is that a word?!] on her original "What The Fuck Is Ladylike" [or the PG version, "What The What Is Ladylike". I don't want her to win this thing, I just want her to make it until finale. Better her than crazy Dilana.

I think Toby might just win this thing. I think Lukas and him are the better fit for the band. His version of "Mr. Brightside" was just okay, but his original was catchy - and in the same league as Supernova's "Hey hey yo yo" song. You know they want to sing Toby's song!

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