Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Workplace Blues

I miss my officemates.

No, I’m no longer on vacation. But I had been spending more time lately at the bank as I had started assuming some of the functions that will be assigned to me when the merger happens that I'm generally missing out on what's happening in our workplace.

Don’t get me wrong. I am excited about my sort-of-new job as it has a broader scope and will allow me to finally handle the more interesting aspects of Treasury [and one can only hope for a corresponding salary increase hehehe!]. [Not to mention that I can now go to business-related trips, hopefully with Cebu as my first destination this November. I’m crossing my fingers!]

I’m just not excited about not spending enough time in my workplace with my officemates [and hello! I still have my normal responsibilities, which I’m still doing on top of what they’re making me do at the bank]. Even during the busiest workdays, we manage to make chika and just joke around and it made stress [work-related or otherwise] a bit bearable.

I have no problems with changing and moving on. I just wish that sometimes, moving on would not be synonymous with leaving some things behind.

And I miss Bom, too. She had moved to another company and was quite happy to leave us all behind. I kid! Hehehe! We’ve been reduced to texting these past few days to discuss our usual guilty pleasures. But it wasn’t until last night when Amazing Race premiered and we were texting about it that I realized how much I had looked forward to those next days at the office when we thoroughly discuss, dissect and analyze what we had watched. Thank God for SMS or I might bore our cats to death with my ramblings.

Blimey! Am I a total wuss today, or what?! This is so not doing any good for my public image!


In other news, my “new” officemates at the bank keep on remarking that I’m “laging nakasimangot” when I’m in front of the PC. Huh? Am I missing something here? Dapat ba na nakikipag-ngitian ako sa PC?

Seriously, I know what they’re talking about because I’ve heard that same remark lots of times. I have a face that is perpetually pouting. [of course you can’t see that in my pics, being the camwhore that I am]

Unfortunately, I am not blessed with a ‘smiling face’. I don’t know if it’s because I have a small mouth that make me look like I'm always pouting [wait until you see me when I’m actually pouting. my mouth all but disappear], but whatever. It does nothing to mitigate the usual impression that I am snobbish [not true] and mataray [sort of true]. I often have to assure some people that I am not a) stuck-up; b) angry at them or at the world or at anybody; c) stressed out; d) lost in my own world; or e) in deep shit and thus, is in desperate need of advice. Trust me, when I’m any of these, you would know.

And, again, for the benefit of everyone, I want to stress out that I am not a snob. I am nice, generally harmless and normal. Boring even.

That being said, there are some things you should never, never do to me, or I'll really, really make taray to you. Like stare at me while I’m working. Unless you’re my boss and I’m at the training stage [although that is uncomfortable, too, but a necessary evil], watching me work is distracting and annoying. And it gives off a certain vibe. And not a good one at that. And – shouldn’t you be working, too?

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