Thursday, September 7, 2006

Wish You Were In The Final 4...

... instead of egocentric Dilana. Damn, why did they eliminated Storm?

The Bottom 3:

Storm - when she said she's singing Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here", I thought, "she knew she's going home". And yeah, I got all sorts of excited because I love this song! And I'm glad she was able to sing such a beautiful swan song. Seeing Jason teary-eyed got me teary-eyed, too. And then Storm was also crying and she said it's for her mom and I go aww... Don't do this people! You're supposed to be rockers, you're supposed to be self-centered, you're not supposed to be cry babies! [except if you're emo] Okay, I'm kidding. Storm's exit was classy and I wish her well on her career.

Dilana - fuck, what have you done to "I Want You To Want Me"?! You massacred it, bitch. And yeah, way to make everything all about you again. I would never want you, ever. And you know what? I don't think you're going to win this. So suck it up with all your drama because you only have a week left.

Lukas - he's not going anywhere. I'm just glad it was him instead of Magni.

And speaking of Magni, glad he got the chance to sing with Supernova. Although seeing him there was the validation I needed for my opinion that he's really not a good fit for the band. Not that he's a bad rocker [because he is not], but because it's just not him.

Finale next week! Who's it gonna be? I say the fight is now between Lukas and Toby. My money is on Toby. Go, mate.

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